Links to other CPU-collecting related sites.


    The Intel homepage. Information on all the latest chips.

    1-bit to 16-bit microprocessors and peripherial chips all brands. Lots of technical information and history behind many chips.


  Nice collection of early microprocessors to Pentium II, Very good forum for technical information and marketplace.

    Information on early microprocessors. Good information on history and about collecting chips.

    Nice collection of x86 chips.

    Nice x86 collection site.

    Wide collection from early 4004 to late Pentium CPU's.
All brands.

    Nice collection of Intel and AMD x86 chips.

    Get your copy of:
"The Collector's Guide to Vintage Intel Microchips 2nd Edition"

    All brands collection mostly x86 CPU's.

    Big collection of mostly x86 chips.

    Big collection of many brands from the earliest 4004 to the latest of today.

    One of the biggest collection of CPU's and Eproms. All brands from very early to the latest chips.

    Great collection of mostly Intel chips starting from Intel 4004 to Pentium 4/Xeon/Itanium. Many rare and hard to find chips. Articles related to CPU collecting.

    Great library of as many as possible types of known CPU's all brands.

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