General information!

This collection is mainly containing Intel made integrated circuits such as processors and memory chips.
The collection also contains many second source and clones and some other popular brands of non Intel processors.
Intel was the first company to make a single chip processor back in 1971 (see 4004 section) and have always been one of the leading
companies in the microprocessor evolution. Through the years there have been lots of different types of processors on the market, but
Intel have always had the most varieties of chips and that's probably the reason why there is so many peoply collection Intel chips.

This collection is located in Sweden.

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Special thanks to the following persons:

Fredrik Johansson:
For donations of several chips from 8008 to Pentium II
George M Phillips:

For without all information given about early Intel chips and valuation my collection would have been significantly
smaller today.
Steve Emery:
For trading several ultra rare chips.
Christian Bassow:
For letting me use information and pictures from his website and for several important trades and swaps.
Lee Gallagher For trading several ultra rare chips.

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